Commercial and Fine Art Work

Email: jouvelt[at]jouvelt.com

From: Dodge City, Kansas
Now: Denver, Colorado

Background:: Raised in the dry and windy southwestern Kansas cowboy and farming lifestyle. In retrospect, it conjures a nostalgic image, however these roots created more of a springboard to do something different from the conventional. Skateboarding and graffiti helped to offer a culture that fit such renegade passion for expression.

Experience: Visual communication practiced in the form of graphic design, print-based media, and illustration in Phoenix, Arizona for nearly a decade.

Currently: A focus on self-taught, non-traditional, contemporary paintings. Using fast-drying mixed-media such as spray paint, house paint, and various acrylics to portray a gritty yet modern approach. Loose, balanced, harmonious, minimal, thoughtful, and bold are just some of the adjectives that have been used by others to describe the work of Jouvelt.